Are there any genuine ways of making money online (Please Read)

Found 20th Jan 2010

Looking for some advice guys really...

Basically over a year ago my dad was diagnosed with having pituitary apoplexy (He has a tumor inside his pituitary gland that has previously ruptured) Before this he was a self employed builder but when he was diagnosed he was told that he could no longer work, had to return his driving licence etc etc Being self employed he had no sick pay from work or anything like that so took out life insurance that covered him incase something happened that meant he could no longer work. Over a year later he is still in a battle with the insurance company who are refusing to pay out

Before this happened his computer skills were pretty much he could switch it on and that was it, but in the last year he has learnt how to use ebay and has been selling things like his old comics and music magazines. Unfortunately it takes him pretty much the whole day to list and post 2 or 3 items so is earning only about £5 a day on average.. he finds this extremely difficult to motivate himself as he still finds it pretty difficult

Surely there is something out there that will allow him to earn a bit more than this? I'm not on about some silly get rich quick scheme, something that earns loads of money or one of those things where you have to be able to type loads really fast... just something that could earn him a bit more than what hes doing?

Skills wise he has a very good knowlege of building in general and he can find his way around google, forums etc etc.. not sure what else that would help online though..

Any advice would be much appriciated on here of via pm

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Online surveys? They bring me in about £15 a month. Not much but its a start
A little day trading may bring something, with research.
NO no day trading immediately - to do that successfully you prob need loads of background learning first.
I'm not really fond of trading goods on ebay as it consists of some kind of risk (i.e. he may not sell the stuff he bought)
could he apply for some kind of receptionist work or something?
Motivation is the key! Not sure how this is achieved in this case,but good luck! And as above,but time consuming & a bit hit & miss.
Don't go anywhere near Ebay. You will probably be scammed somewhere along the way, and Ebay totally rips off sellers.
The best way he could earn money is through disability benefits.
look for things around the house to sell on here, maybe try and get into something where you can make money, obviously nothing dodgy. buy something in bulk and sell at a profit
Found this thread on MSE. Haven't read it but guess this might be a good start.

Could he become a student? Might sound crazy, but he might find he can be funded to do a course. Maybe learn IT, computer science, something like that?

Not get rich quick - but he might be able to earn a little, and then, with effort, earn a lot.
avoid ebay, only one winner, EBAY!!
matched betting

avoid ebay, only one winner, EBAY!!

i do really well and also the charities do well that i donate alot of the final price to
Good on him to try and find some work:thumbsup: even with his conditions and not like some young people sitting on their *** claiming benefits.
Ebay is not bad, but you can't make much with comics.
He has to sell GAMES now a days to make a few bob. Since he is an ex builder any chance of him teaching young people the basic rules ???

i do really well and also the charities do well that i donate alot of the … i do really well and also the charities do well that i donate alot of the final price to

Do tell - is it games, films ? - I need a boost to my ebay/amazon activities! You need to shift barrows of stuff with a team of one and a small margin of profit with movies that are not rarities.

However - a cash flow is possible with a full day on your hands - existing credit and loans/overdraft can come in handy.

The reality is that if there was an easy way to do it everyone would, that in return would just dilute the rewards so the answer is always to find a way to offer something different to the pack.
From a lifetime of work your father has skills beyond the physical, he needs to spend time looking at what he knows and then seeing if he can package them up in such a way that others will notice, trust and return to.
Whilst setting up as a Consultant may be a step too far right now, the opportunity could be to create a forum or even blog, once a following is gained then advertising revenue can be considered.
I would strongly suggest that he uses the free resources now available to him, I refer to going to his local Adult Learning Centre where they are qualified to offer IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance), then to seek to upskill as much as he can, fully subsidised courses in Basic Skills, IT, and even heavily subsidised learning programmes (even to degree level) are all out there. I would only hope that he doesn't fall in the trap of feeling too proud to accept help or the (imagined) embarrassment of finding he needs to learn.
thing is though hes not allowed to go and get a job, and the nearest learning centre is about 8 miles away which would involve a 2 mile walk to the bus and thats not possible!

He gets tired very quickly and needs something that he can stop and have a quick rest/ sleep if need be..
is there any money to be made in forums? perhaps he could put his building knowlege to use there?
You could try speaking to your local "Pathways to Work" office to see if they have any suggestions. It's a nationwide scheme. Think you may get some contacts from here pathwaystowork.info/ind…=17

Remploy are also a specialist "disability employment" service who may have some suggestions. remploy.co.uk/

I personally think he would also benefit from a referral to your Occuaptional Therapy service and you could suggest this to his GP or consultant. OT's are NOT as commonly though about "work" but consider everyday activities as "occupations" . Therefore they have good experience of being able to suggest adaptations or interventions to help lessen fatigue and other difficulties and consider whole new activities to replace those that are no longer possible.
There lots of courses where you can study at home. Have you looked at the Open University? There are plenty of online courses available these days. Maybe he could get some sort of IT qualification which might be able to help him find work later. How about graphics? Or just something like Desktop Publishing. One of my friends makes money by designing and printing leaflets which he does at home. He's not an IT professional but a history student. You just need to be able to operate the software properly and put out some feelers. I don't know about making money from forums, unless your Dad could somehow set up some sort of Q&A maybe....but there is so much info out there for nothing these days I don't know if it would make money. I think perhaps offering some sort of IT related service could be an option to explore.....and most of these things can be done at home as well. Good luck!
Not a long term solution but short term what about all the free money at Quidco.

Paddy Power pays £30 for opening an account with a £10 bet. worst case is that the bet loses but he is then £20 up. Many more like that as well.

Not a long term solution but short term what about all the free money at … Not a long term solution but short term what about all the free money at Quidco.Paddy Power pays £30 for opening an account with a £10 bet. worst case is that the bet loses but he is then £20 up. Many more like that as well.

quidco not guarenteed, so an easy way to lose money on that one.
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