Are there any good deals for Disneyland Paris at the moment?

    Either looking for just tickets alone (2 adults and a 3 year old) or a short break, doesn't have to be in the school holidays, could be for September.

    There is an offer for AA members where you get B&B in the Davey Crocket Hotel and 1 days entrance for £65 per adult, kids under 7 are free (no travel included). Can anyone beat this?

    There was a P&O offer where you got a free entrance ticket a while ago, is this likely to be repeated?


    theres also a thread a bit further down that i posted last night for deals during their xmas spectacular, eurostar seem to be special offers at the mo - not sure if their price includes the theme park tickets.

    the best deal my family has had was through tour operator david urquhart tours.
    two adults two kids five days four nights B/B staying ROISSY, PARIS. INCLUDESTWO DAYS AT
    DISNEYLAND ALL PASSES PLUS FAST TRACK AT THE THEME PARK. ALSO EXCURSION INTO PARIS FOR THE DAY. they said they would go back again. worth giving them a phone. plus depends where you stay as you could always arrange where to get picked up from
    one snag is you pay half price for kids up to 12 yrs. i hope this may help you ENJOY.
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