Are there any green-fingered HUKDers out there?

    We are moving house in three weeks and will finally have a bit of own outdoor space, just a bit of patio, no lawn/earth, so would have to be growbags/pots. We're really keen to have a few plants (not flowers, Mrs is allergic), would particularly like things like herbs, tomatoes, strawberries,etc.

    What would people recommend as some easy to manage plants for the time of the year? Also, if you can recommed where to buy some cheap seeds/plants too! Many thanks for all suggestions.


    Poundstretcher or Instore have pots, compost,seeds,tubors, etc all very reasonably priced,have made up some very pretty pots from their things.Also worth looking in Wilkinsons.
    They both have flower and veg seeds.(noticed comment re flowers!)
    I think B&Q have 20% off this w/end and Homebase have some offer as well but not sure what.

    Theres been lots of free seed offers in freebie section this year. Of course no guarantee that more will be available but worth keeping an eye open.…493 Coriander Delfino £1.55…666
    Orange scented Thyme £1.55

    Neither of them flower. You can use them for salads. Mint is another good herb to have around. It survives the winters too and comes back year after year.
    You can get those deep troughs from B&Q to grow them in.

    Lidls and nettos are doing really cheap seeds. Wilkinsons is good value as well. The seeds aimed at children are usually easy to grow. If on patio why not try a bucket of potatoes. Some say to buy seed potatoes in case of viruses but if you are restricted to pots anyway why not just plant some old ones that that sprouted and keep your fingers crossed.

    Rosemary and sage are nice. I love the scent from rosemary. Also lemon balm.
    Pieris are good for patio tubs giving lovely foliage colours.B&Q are good for prices and of course they have 20% off right now. They usually do some nice conifers around about £2---£3. nice for patio tubs or around the garden too.:thumbsup:

    Mint is best grown in a pot, as it can spread like wild fire;-)
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