Are there any grey-import sites you can trust?

Found 19th May 2016
I'm looking to buy a Canon 80D with 18-135mm lens. This retails in "proper" UK shops for ~£1350. However there are plenty of sites online that are offering it for ~£900. I'm aware most of these sites are "grey importers" and have very bad TrustPilot reviews, so I'm just wondering if I should just give up and pay an extra £450 or can any of these sites really be trusted?

See these results for examples:
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My bad, spelling, yes "trust", not "strust"!
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DigitalRev are great.
Yes, I would pay the extra for peace of mind if anything goes wrong .........
Only buy from them if you are prepared to lose all your money. That's the worst case, but that's the gamble you take.
Check out New York websites - they have some of the best prices, not sure about customs duty though.
DigitalRev, Panamoz and Hdew are all trustworthy.
I've used Panamaz and DigitalRev.
No problems with either.
Out of the two, I'd select Panamoz first.
Have used DigitalRev before. Box was a little dented but lens was fine. No Manufacturer support or warranty though.
I've bought twice from eglobal with success, and once from DigitalRev. Total orders weighed in at around £1800, total savings of around £500, nay a problem between them. I'm definitely wary of these companies, but buying via credit card takes some of the stress away.
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