Are there any keen Cyclists out there who could help me please? I need some advice about buying a roadbike!!!

    Please see post as it will help,…095

    Please could someone take some time out to help me with a query!

    I really want to buy the bike featured on the above mention thread but need some help!

    So Lance Armstrong if you are on this site please could you advise!!!

    I have a Specialized Sirus which i love and have used for the last year, i brought it in order to get back on a bike and get some miles under my belt and use as a stepping stone to a true road bike!

    When i saw these deal i clicked on straight away to buy but observed that they only have 56cm frames left! These apparently are suitable for person btw 5-9 and 6ft. I am a nat's hair under 5'9 and have 30" legs, the question is will this bike be suitable for me or am i just going to buy something that is not fit for purpose? My thought was i could just lower the seat but i could do with some direction from some peeps in the know!

    Thank you



    platform shoes

    Why not try asking on a dedicated cycling site ... rather than an "old wives" shopping site

    try HERE

    At 5'9 you'd be better with a 54cm frame. However all brands vary in their sizing. Go to a bike shop & sit on a 56 bike from the same manufacturer to get an idea. Personally I prefer slightly bigger frames.
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