Are there any pay tv alternatives to sky and virgin?

    I am so tired of the constant rubbish on sky. There rarely seems to be anything worth watching - even the films are hardly what you call current. We hope to move soon and was wondering if there were any alternatives to sky? We sometimes see huge sateillite dishes in people's gardens and was wondering what additional programmes you can get if you go for one of these. Can you get anything extra?



    BT Vision, its a Sky+ style freeview box that allows you to download TV on demand for a fee per view of the content you wanna watch.

    Was going to recommend BT vision, but ultimoscorpion beat me to it

    Its the same sh!t on the tv whichever you go for though!

    More and more comms companies are gonna start offering IPTV, BT Vision (which I have) and Tiscali (who bough out and expanded the homechoice network) do at present. Don't know much about the Tiscali service but BT Vision is freeview PVR (80 hours) (with card slot) and the ability to "rent" films/tv shows/ cartoons/music videos for either a one off payment per show or unlimited content for a monthly sub (various packages). I got Vision for free as an employee, I also have sky+, I wouldn't ditch sky for vision but I like the potential vison has.
    You have to be a BT broadband customer ( think mimimum downstream connection required is now 2.5meg) (although that will change in the future) and you need to be in a decent freeview area. Any questions just ask.

    Ive been considering ]Tiscali for the whole lot, phone tv and broadband.
    Still done nothing about it though.
    I used to be indecisive, no Im not so sure :thinking:

    A huge dish gets you the same rubbish - just without the subscription. I recommend one of the many "DVDs by post" companies.
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