Are there any plumbers among us? Radiator won't heat up properly.

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Found 22nd Oct 2009
I have a problem with the radiator in my bathroom. It doesn't get hot all over (see picture below). I have tried bleeding it (at the arrow) but only water comes out. Tap A at the bottom is fully open and tap B doesn't do anything (it just spins and spins)

Any recomendations?

Thanks in advance.

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have you bled all the rads in the house ?

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have you bled all the rads in the house ?

Yes, just been doing that... that's how I found this problem.

Not a plumber but.... both taps A & B need to be open, as it just spins the tap is probably not correctly fitted. I would remove the tap handle (should be a little screw on the side), this will reveal a square section that you can carefully turn and open with a spanner.
Then refit the tap handle.

Your missus will kil you for drawing arrows and writing on the wall :-D

Check the pressure in the system. it should be over 1 Bar, maybe 1.2 ish. If it is beow 1 Bar then there won't be pressure to 'push' the hot water round the system. If this is Ok, then try with the heating full on, bleed the radiators in order (I think) from furthest to nearest to the boiler.


Your missus will kil you for drawing arrows and writing on the wall :-D

i Lol'ed

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Haha yes I will have to get the magic marker out later...

I think tap B is just for show... i.e. it's always open and doesn't need to be connected.. I couldn't find any screw to take it off anyway...

I'll check all the other rads again as I didn't do them in any particular order. Thanks!

You're running low on toilet roll...

The system may need balancing.

as suggested check the pressure, and then try turning all the oter rads in the house off and put the heating on, see if that does it


You're running low on toilet roll...


bleeding radiators

never seen LED rad before - that is SO COOL!!!!!
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