are there any primary teachers out there??

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Found 27th Apr 2008
just wondering at what age they start doing sums at school?
my son who is in the reception class he was 5 on wednesday during the school hols he has been doing sums as in 5+5-3-2=5
im sure my other children didnt start doing things like that till they were older

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Your sons a genious :thumbsup:

Yes, just asked my son what sort of sums he does (he's 6, year 1). He looked at yours and said "yes, we did that in reception!" There's your answer, straight from the horse's mouth.

Yup... reception is right.

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Liddle ol' me;1979913

Yes, just asked my son what sort of sums he does (he's 6, year 1). He … Yes, just asked my son what sort of sums he does (he's 6, year 1). He looked at yours and said "yes, we did that in reception!" There's your answer, straight from the horse's mouth.

oh thanks didnt realise they started sums so young!! :thumbsup:

My four year old is at nursery and they have him adding up and speaking french, not to mention the woodwork and cookery lessons. I don't know how they fit it all in. No wonder he comes home and just wants to sleep!

Yup - my youngest daughter isn't 5 untill the beginning of July (she's in reception too) that's exactly the sort of thing that she comes home with.....their not babies for long enough IMO. It does annoy me sometimes the things that they do come home with - luckily enough she doesn't seem to have a problem with any of the work that she does, but I can't help but think that they have so much time in front of them to learn some of the things that are doing now. I'd like a little more of the learning through play aspect of education at their age myself. :).

I agree there should be more play, they grow up quick enough, without the pressure thats put on them, put schools have assessments to complete and that dominates the timetable, its difficult to document play into the various paperwork.

its all changed now. my Daughter is 4 she's doing that and reading !

Its about time this country stops forcing little kids in proper education so fast, its such a bad thing imo.


reception at my little chaps school you where lucky if they got to read 3 times a week, let alone anything else, he never had nothing just a new book to read occasionally, no spellings, no naff all, so it deffo depends on the school, he went in year1 in sept 07 and by january 08 they said he had been through all 1 year books and spellings etc,etc and would have to speak to year 2 teachers about the year 2 spellings etc, when you go to parents evening there each term and look through what they have done a yearly parents evening would suffice

he is clever - i had to check it was correct on my calculator :whistling:

yea they teach them matsh young so they know how to spot a good deal on HUKD

Cerys in reception,she not doing sums yet,and neither was Connor for a while at school,he's exceptionally smart though and as far as i'm concerned his class do too much playing,too much crafts and too much watching dvds.

Reception Classes are a lot more play based now than they ever were. My son is in Reception and I am a nursery nurse within his school so I see a lot of what goes on. There is lots of play based and child initiated learning. Outside and natural play and given a lot of time as well. I doubt you will find much formal learning in reception anymore and the sums are most likely to take place in small groups with children using play farm animal etc with a teacher initiating the play. Your kids will hardly know they are doing sums!

I personally do think they start school too early and if we don't send them into Reception,then they fall behind cos everyone else will be being sent in and know each other in the class,I personally love it when they off school.

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well i went to paents evening not so long back and looked through all his work but it was more drawing pictures and stories of what he had done
didnt see any sums there
he too has been reading which started not so long back they mentioned this at the parents evening that they are now introducing books earlier
the sums started a few weeks ago he would just start counting on his fingers,then the last wek he has been subtracting and doing sums with 4 numbers ie 12-2+4+1 etc.
he seems to really enjoy it as he is always doing it,so i have just been praising him
just wish he could gain a little more confidence because he has glue ear his speech has been affected therefor he gets very shy as people have difficulty understanding him at times

I'm all about putting the input in at home,I'm not relying on the school education system much,we make sure at home the children don't fall behind,nevermind relying on school.
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