Are there any XBMC experts in the house?

    Im looking at setting up XBMC on a PC.

    Ive got it installed, but im at a loss as to how to get it all looking pretty like you see in the screen shots The cover flow type interfaces with the background, dvd cover and movie info etc?

    Can you get XBMC to do all this automatically, if so how?

    what plugins are needed? or rather what are the best/essential to have?


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    This thread has some links that maybe … This thread has some links that maybe useful-

    not really, but thanks anyway.

    Im going to be changing the skin, but want it like this:

    or rather this when i get the skin installed:

    basically i want my install to be looking like this:…on/

    you ftp it over, I just followed one of the many guides out there. :thumbsup:

    ]Skin Help and Support
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