Are there different types of sky+ hd boxes?

    We are hopefully having this installed soon.
    Are there different types of sky+ hd box as there are with sky+boxes (e.g. different makes - some with inherent and well known issues and some with and without anytime etc).
    Please can someone let me know. Don't want to end up with refurbed and lesser model.


    If your having it installed by sky they dont give you a choice anyway!!
    You get what they give you!! :-(

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    no you don't - I have always requested a specific type of box from engineer and they have given it to me - they have always been v nice actually.

    Does anyone know the technical answer to this question? Thanks

    There are, some argue that the Samsung is better but others the Amstrad.

    Some are easier to upgrade the hard drive, others not.

    I have an Amstrad and it get's favourable reviews. But also gets criticised for contrast issues that some claim are being fixed by the new EPG.

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    right - so there are 2 types then - both with anytime tv?

    What is the EPG ? (very non technical person here)


    I have the Thomson which seems OK on new EPG, Parents have the Samsung which does seem nippy but is on the old epg

    EPG = Electronic Programme Guide

    The Graphical Interface you use with your remote.

    The old Dark Blue one is quite ancient, new one is grey and blue text, not hard to get used to and more importantly has backround tv picture.

    The new EPG is being rolled out slowly as they are having problems with it. However Amstrad units are only now getting it (I think it started around April) and there's a hope that because of the delay the Amstrad units will be more stable.

    Anytime TV is a feature available on all HD units no matter the brand.

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    Sorry - forgive denseness still don't undersatnd what the EPG is? IS it the timetable of programmes to record /watch and does this look different depending on what kind of sky hd+ box you have?

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    so if I have a choice should it go

    Amstrad, Thomson and then Samsung as it is on old EPG? Thanks


    so if I have a choice should it goAmstrad, Thomson and then Samsung as it … so if I have a choice should it goAmstrad, Thomson and then Samsung as it is on old EPG? Thanks

    Google sky hd and there's an av forum that will come up and all your answers will be there.

    There are 4 boxes


    Thomson & Pace have the new EPG others dont at the moment

    New EPG:

    I have Thomson, and it's soooooo slooooooooooow.

    The Pace is slow too as soon as you go into the planner , the new EPG is pants IMO

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    now really confused about what to get


    now really confused about what to get

    If from Sky, you don't have much choice down to Sky Installer and what he has in stock?
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