Are these any good - speakers / amp

    Looking to get some equipment to do discos / parties and was wondering if this would be a good starter kit. Not got much money. Any advice would be great or if there is any better cheaper thanks…393



    Looks like you get quite a bit of kit for the money there. Always hard to tell how good speakers are until you hear them though! I'm sure it'd be adequate for small/mid venues though.

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    thanks for replying. Just waiting to hear some feedback from a few people before going for it. Got my eyes on a laser next then see what else i can save up for. I left all my stuff with a friend a while ago and it all got bashed about so wanting to get some new stuff.


    I wish I had the room to store kit like that myself. Mmmmm a laser.....

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    yeah going to get the kam 3dr laser - only £250. Would like to add a bit of something different to the usuall mobile disco, fed up with the crappy lights that get used.…393

    Personally I'd lookout for used stuff on ebay and the like.

    Doesn't seem a bad package though to be fair

    Will you use a laptop or cd decks etc?

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    i will be using cd decks,

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    any other people think these are worth getting?
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