Are these clothing websites a scam?

Found 9th Feb 2018
Trying to buy a 7 Diamonds brand shirt which initial searches only showed up in Nordstrom US.
When chnaging to UK only in my browswer it appeared in following websites at much cheaper price.
THing is my scam senses tell me they are too good to be true. Tried looking for reviews or scam advisor and not much doing. More worrying they seem quite similar and quite new.
Wondered if anyone had used them or had better skills than me to determine if fake or scams

If they are scams - what do they do - harvest your credit card details and go on a spending spree?
Surely I could cancel and charge back?
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Look scam like yo me.
Mike-mcguire website registered 14/12/17
Vinecoop website registered 14/11/17
Primalengland website registered 14/12/17
Mak4all website registered 8/12/17
Nominet not able to match registrants details to 3rd party data
Definitely all scams

They’ll just be getting orders and payments (preferably by Bank Transfer) and by the time people realise the goods are not being fulfilled and requesting PayPal etc to refund they’ll have closed their accounts and moved on and startedback up under yet another name.
try here
Why not Contact 7Diamonds by emailing them and asking who their official Uk registered distributor or stockist is
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