Are These Genuine Ugg Boots From Oz?

Found 11th Feb 2009
Anyone had dealings with this company

Genuine or fake?

They seem alright to me but I ain't no expert!

Thanks in advance!
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It depends what you mean by genuine Uggs. Uggs by Decker, the really popular boots, are made in China now, so these aren't by Decker as they are made in Australia. These are uggs with a lower case (which is a style of boot in Australia, rather than a trademark) not Uggs!
everyone is wear uggs, why be a sheep. errrrgh
black gerbil1;4357388

everyone is wear uggs, why be a sheep. errrrgh


They look terrible IMO aswell.
asked this question myself, and that person on moneysavingexpert is wrong, i was told via an official ugg seller, ugg the brand outside of australia is owned by (uggs by deckers) uggs made in aus are ugg style boots and not ugg the brand, its not as clear cut as most other brands thats where all the confusion comes from, on another note fakes can be had very cheaply, paying £100+ for these is a serious waste of money
They are fake!! My gf's mate told her bf to buy a pair from the website, when they came they had a different brand...I think it was 'Cool Ugg' or something instead of just 'UGG'. They've since returned the product and is not waiting for a refund. Avoid!!
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