Are these legit on ebay?

    item number 190369427175
    Many thanks, im a wii newbie
    Should i avoid?


    Yeah, I heard about this on the internets
    You can do it for free if you know some1.. all you have to do is trade eachothers friend code

    They have 100% feedback.

    And people who have bought the same think you are about to have gave positive feedback to them.

    Original Poster

    It says you dont have to pay,/bid as their number is in the listing

    has a lot of good feedback, always a good pointer in my mind.

    Original Poster

    the big question is would you do it?

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    Ive also got myself a 4gb hcsd card, now will it work or do i just need a sd? i dont want to break the packaging if its not right

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    I think ill get my step sister to do it then, i wasnt sure about the whole thing lol, at least this way i know she will get something out of it too :lol:
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