are these merlin passes worth it?

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Found 30th Dec 2016
OK so we are in Nottingham and have a 4year old. Another baby is expected in March. Do you think it is worth us buying merlin passes this year? And are they TRULY worth the money? Thanks in advance peeps x

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we live on the south coast and we have a 4, 5 and 7 year old. we had passes last year and we would have spend over 3k without the passes. however my family live in Blackpool so tower, Tussaud's, sea life, circus, done twice. and we are only 1-2 hours away from legoland, chessington and Thorpe park and twenty minutes from a sea life we also booked our summer holiday specifically to be near a different sea life centre. also London is only one hour by train so shrek, London eye, tussauds and sea life in easy reach. we sat and worked out where we could get too and we were aware that at 4 and 5 at the start of the year our little one needed us for most rides. at 110cm they can go on little rides by themselves. there is a calculator to work it out.

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Buy a premium pass as this gives you free parking
We had for about 4years and had LEGOLAND annual pass before this
great for the kids and Big kids(adults)

Yes we have it. Now we're in sw England and none of them are near us, (unless you count Warwick castle 90 mins away), but places like Chessington, Legoland, Thorpe Park are a couple of hours away max, so we do use them. We have made trips up north to Blackpool Dungeon and Alton Towers. We get Normal passes for 3, so 2 children and an adult, but one premium pass for the free at parking. Just a handful of visits and it's paid for, plus there's discounts on food etc.

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