Are these new in can Balls/Scuba's any good?

    Last week i noticed on the shelf were Fosters Scuba, Said something about having a ball in didnt really take notice, then i see kronenbourg have 1 to..... does it make the beer taste smoother or is it all just a gimmick?


    tastes the same to me.

    hubby said they're rubbish....

    Bought a 4 pack for hubby the other day and he said they were better, more like draught beer. But he could have just said that to try and imrpess me lol (easily impressed, me!)

    im having a fosters right now, it tastes a lot smoother! less gassy

    its got a widget

    lol how funny is the word widget lol

    lol how funny is the word widget lol

    so funny you had to say it twice!

    Original Poster Banned


    so funny you had to say it twice!


    I think it is supposed to keep the fizz in the beer, it does taste pretty much the same but you can drink it slower i believe ( not much use there then! )
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