Are these Phone prices any good?

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Found 3rd Aug 2008
Are these prices any good? Direct from dubai duty free and Nokia shop in dubai!

E71 - £294 (comes with 2gb and 6 months sat nav)

8800 Arte - £571

HTC Diamond - £471

E90 - £389ish - Comes with 2gb and a yr sat nav!

8800 Arte sapphire - £800+!

I think there all quite high! ??


Im no expert, but they all look a touch on the high side.

Dubai is normally expensive for these things as its full of rich arabs

The warranty may also be void in UK, although im not sure of that one ok, just something to check up on.

You will have to purchase a 3 pin UK charger too?

Think it makes more sense to take out a contract and get one of them for free lol


wy do i want to buy e71 fom dubai for £294 if i can get it in uk for £299 lol

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lol i can get it for 229:)

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