Are these products are good combination

    My friend wants me to build a pc for £450 mainly for gaming and video editing.

    I have narrowed down the products to these, are they a good combination.

    Thanks in advance

    Samsung 1Tb Spinpoint F3 Hard Drive - HDD

    Hypertec 2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz l Desktop Memory x2

    Coolermaster Elite 430 Black Computer Chassis with 500W PSU

    AMD CPU Phenom II 955 Black Edition Quad Core Processor

    Asus M4A88T-M AMD 880G AM3 Motherboard

    MSI GTX460 OC NVIDIA Graphics Card - 1GB

    SATA DVDRW IHAS122-18 LiteOn DVD Drive


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    If i was your friend i'd ask someone who knows what they are doing

    Thanks for the input, you still need to answer the question ^-^

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    If i knew the answer i'd say "if i was your friend i wouldn't ask you … If i knew the answer i'd say "if i was your friend i wouldn't ask you because i know what works best myself"

    Your nice, if your not going to help then don't post

    Simple as that, doesn't require logic =]
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    X) Your new here aren't you


    Coola - Some people here genuinely have nothing better to do with their time other than contribute with child like sarcastic comments.

    I cannot answer your question as to whether they are a good combination or not, but if this machine is for graphics editing then add more RAM. If your going a 32 bit flavour of Windows bang it up to 4Gb. If going 64bit OS, then drop in as much as your friend can afford.

    RAM is cheap now.


    You're. Not "your"

    Jesus wept

    I wouldn't trust/risk a £115 graphics card on a cheap bundled coolermaster PSU!

    Ideally you want a cosair like this…999

    but if thats bit of out of your budget,

    An artic power 1, is still alot more realiable then a coolermaster!…922

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    Pretty expensive if you ask me, check my post to see how i made a good spec gaming pc for 293.97.
    You could improve the graphics card and have a Ultra good gaming pc for £400

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    OMG people responded with nice,helpful comments I thought I was going to get heat

    Thanks guys
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