Are those Tradesman apps/sites reliable?

    Need a little work done and are the reviews on these sites to be trusted? Are these apps reputable enough or is there a surprise down the line?



    The fact that you are asking shows you that they aren't. It's best to get someone who someone knows, word of mouth.

    Ask around...

    If tradesmen can buy a listing, NO.

    It's quite hard putting a negative review on those sites. Its very easy to put a positive one on there.


    I've used my builder. I needed a house rewire the job was done to the price agreed as for feedback it depends what site you use as good sites vet there trades happy with the job I had advice is if possible find someone who can show you what work they have done local to last thing these sites make money by charging the trades person for you job if they win it.

    No they are not reliable like everything best bet go by word of mouth of someone you trust,Then get at least 3 quotes then decide

    They are as reliable as your research. I've used a few without any issues. I check for past jobs and qualifications then I try and get 3 quotes with as much detail as possible. A fair few you can discount on their attitude but I wouldn't rule out anyone who points out issues with the job you might not have thought about. 18 months ago I phones no less then 17 plasters from the phone book and recommendations. I got though to about 5 and none of them could fit in my job within a week. So my builder it was for a nice Polish bloke.
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    I known people to be unable to put a bad review on bad work, the reason was they couldn't prove it was bad work, it's a cop out by the site's, go by recommendation not these money making sites
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