Are ticket websites GetMeIn! and StubHub reliable? Other good websites for concert tickets?

Found 23rd Oct 2013
I tried to book concert tickets for my sister on ticketmaster but they are sold out.

What are peoples' experiences and opinions on other websites for concert tickets such as GetMeIn! and StubHub? Are they reliable, authentic and not too expensive?

Do you have any other recommendations for good websites for concert/gig tickets?

Thanks very much in advance for all your advice and help!
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Getmein is owned and operated by ticketmaster so is perfectly legit in that sense,as is stubhub,owned and operated by ebay.

Obviously,you pay over asking price which is not ideal.

You could try scarletmist where tickets are offered at face value,or alternatively keep trying the venue box office,very few concerts are actually "sold out",there are always production/promoter holdbacks that get released nearer the date.
Because it costs so much to sell on stubhub etc, I find most of the tickets I buy on Gumtree. Try there as well
Thanks so much for your quick replies - very much appreciated by my sister and I.

No tickets available on scarletmist as yet but it seems like a great website (that I had never heard of!) and I'll continue trying. Will also try Gumtree.

Have either of you (or any others) actually booked tickets on GetMeIn or StubHub before? The ticket price is not so much of an issue as GetMeIn has some tickets which are not too extortionate; it's more a question of how reliable and authentic they are.

Thanks again for all your help.

(By the way, I thought the arrow system next to your usernames is some kind of 'like' system, so I tried to 'like' (i.e. add 1) to both your posts, but it'll only let me add it to one! Just know that I'm grateful for all help!)
You can still find tickets on ebay, just not as many.
I have used getmein previously and it was fine.
Have a look at the faq I think they guarantee the sale.
Recorded mail is a requirement etc.
Thanks so much for the other answers as well.

If ticketmaster doesn't have more tickets nearer the time, I'll probably buy them from GetMeIn as the prices aren't too inflated and it seems reliable from what you guys say. It's just annoying that they charge about £10 for 'delivery' even if you print e-tickets yourself. I've also noticed that GetMeIn is listed on quidco so a possible indication of reliability? (though I realise not necessarily)
it's not the sites you need to worry about, it's the end users - like ebay you get good sellers and bad, but the overwhelming majority are good i'm sure... i've sold ticks at cost or slightly over many times, never had a problem.
fuhu78888 - many thanks for your reply as well (sorry I only saw it just now).

I eventually managed to buy tickets on ticketmaster as they became available for a short period one night as I was randomly checking.

Thanks again to everyone for all your help!
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