Are Top Cashback and Quidco reliable for large cashback payments?

Found 11th Apr 2010
Top Cashback and Quidco have recently been offering great rates of cashback when taking out new mobile phone pay monthly contracts with O2, Orange and Vodaphone etc. I have signed up to the former, but have yet to make a "large cashback purchase". Are these sites reliable, in other words, do you always get the cashback promised on time, without any hassles? Any feedback, particularly on the mobile phone front, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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my highest was £75 from quidco and i got it i have only had problems once and it was tesco for £8 something and i had to flag up a ticket for it but i got it eventually
Insurance seems to have the most issues at the moment with cashback (across all sites) with payments taking longer than expected.

Had cashback from Vodafone, o2, Carphone Warehouse, T-Mobile, and 3 in the past without problems,
Hi My highest was £351 from Goldsmiths through Quidco. It tracked within a day and was paid some 12 weeks later. I've only had to chase one in over 3 years - the National Trust and that was only because they declined it as they took it as a renewal and not a new membership. It was paid in the end though!
I've had a couple of small ones off o2. Why don't you try registereing for the free sim offer through quidco and get see if the £1 quidco tracks ok? At least you'll be able to follow the process and make a quid out of it!
I have one for £150 thats been tracked and validated by Virgin media but not paid as of yet.
It took Voda over 2 years to pay my last transaction through Quidco, don't hold your breath (or do the deal if you're depending on the cashback).
Did the O2 £200 cashback, said it would track in 2 -3 days, I gave it 13 days as you get 14 days to cancel and it never showed up, I wasnt taking the risk on a 2 year £25 a month sim.

everything else has been fine, smaller purchases usually track quickly.
No problems with Quidco, I've had £130 from N-Power, £125 from Vodafone, £100 from O2, £90 from Scottish Power and £75 from Sheilas Wheels.
I only use Firefox for Quidco, always clear cookies first and I've had no problems.
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