Are we able to sell Argos Gift cards on here

Found 7th Jul
I have a couple of £100 Argos gift cards from taking out SunLife over 50's life Insurance and wondered are we still allowed to sell these on here as i can't see a "For Sale" section anymore.
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I suggest avoiding Lokal
No, we don't allow Private Sales on HUKD. We suggest using Lokal
No, FS/FT moved to that Lokal rubbish that nobody uses. People on here recommend AVForums, though I've never sold on there. I recommend Shpock/Facebook Marketplace.
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Zeek is often quoted on here to buy gift cards people have sold them that they didn't want.
I suggest avoiding Lokal
OK thanks folks i have used Shpock before and heard of Zeek from that Martin Lewis dude so will go down that route rather then lokal now it's been mentioned i remember it didn't go down well when the moved was done IIRC.

Facebook market place is good.
I'll give you five pounds for them
I’d avoid selling them as your most likely to get scammed, particularly with high value vouchers. Ask your family members if anyone is making an Argos purchase and get £75 for each one.
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Zeek 100%
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