Are we all in agreement beer tastes better in a bottle than can?

Posted 13th Aug 2022
And glass being the least preferable option.
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    I disagree - all beer tastes disgusting.
    Username checks out
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    Draught > mini keg > glass bottle > can
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    hand pulled
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    Worst beer is when they haven't flushed through whatever cleaning fluid they use before pumping.
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    Beer from a clear glass bottle is clearly the worst. Vastly increases the risk of skunking due to sunlight exposure. You know the maker does not care about the taste for any beer bottled this way. Green glass is better. Brown glass is best. But cans eliminate the issue entirely
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    Close. From a bottle in the correct glass and at room temperature. (edited)
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    Dingles disagree they say Wellies
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    Less on my wall these days
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    After the 3rd or 4th can you really tell?
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    Beer from a can is great as long as you pour it into a glass first and it is not crappy beer.

    Beer from a keg/cask is always best.
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    Prefer cans as usually more in it
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    Generally yes, but obviously depends on the beer/lager as some taste better than others.
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    Doesn't matter to me whether it is in a bottle or can, as I always pour into a glass and I can't usually tell any difference.
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    drinking beer from a glass separates us from the animals on holiday.
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    This is not directly about beer but there was a huge debate over whether or not coke tasted better in glass bottles than in cans/drinking glasses, etc
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    I prefer it from a saucer lasts longer I find.
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    Guinness mastered it. Their nitro surge device improved it again
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