Are we interested in Online super bargains?

Found 8th Oct 2017
Seen a couple of stonkers but they are online but an online deal doesnt seem to have the same bargain quality as a physical shop offer.
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Course not. You never see deals posted for Gearbest,Amazon, ebuyer,,steam, just to name a few.
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No problem if they are "bona fide" deals from well known on line retailers . Sadly many folks just look up an item on Google find it cheap without understanding that the website offering said bargain is dodgy at best fraudulent at worst. Google do not verify the content or legality of its listings .

Of course you can get stuff cheap from Chinese websites , but there are so many pitfalls that I wouldn't buy anything over about £40 from such sites .
Of course we are interested if it's online , in many cases it makes it easier , for example lots of deals are posted for shops such as heron that don't have a presence where I live . However I am only interested in reputable sellers , as above personally I don't want to buy from a dodgy site though
Ok thanks, I'll leave it for now.
I was considering posting a deal on the Nikon D7200 dslr camera at £575.00 from E infinity online, a site ive used frequently with no issues. They have 14 day return for refund if you change your mind and 12 months warranty and free delivery. Identical to UK product.
These cameras have vastly inflated prices on the high street. In the Littlewoods catalogue it was £1400.00! Jessops over £800.00.800.00.just sayin :-)
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