Are Wireless extenders any good?

    I've just bought a new PVR which has internet capabilities and am thinking about how to hook it up to the network. Powerline type devices seem like a reasonable idea but I kind of want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

    The wireless signal can get a little flakey in the extremes of my house and the TV is roughly half way between the router and where the signal gets flakey, so my thought is setting up an wireless extender with an ethernet port by the TV. Ethernet to the PVR + better wifi all round (and possibly cheaper?)

    Does it work though? Has anyone got an extender to talk me into (or out of) it?

    I do have 2 older routers, but as far as I can track down, neither can be drafted in to do this (DG834G V1 & O2wireless box II)

    Any thoughts / tips on this topic would be great.


    I use a tp link extender on an old belkin router - works no probs (although works best with WEP security as opposed to WPA for some reason) -…647

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    That does look good, 1 quick question. I read through the manual and can't quite see if this fits the bill. It talks about either extender or access point mode. Ideally I'd want something extending my wireless signal (IE bouncing the signal from a laptop to my router) and also accepting a wired ethernet connection form my PVR to the extender to hook into the wireless network.

    Is that how you have it setup?

    i have it extending my signal (very thick walls) as an extender (uses the same ssid & password) and also wired into an xbox360
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