Are wireless Samsung Buds Pro's good? Any suggestion on any sale alternatives for a good sound quality??

Posted 20th Jan 2023 (Posted 3 h, 42 m ago)
Im looking for Bluetooth and wireless earphones.
I was hoping to get some loud ones with good bass and sound quality in the sale.

Any suggestions please

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    Got the Buds Pro free with my S21 Ultra and they're good - but would never pay the asking price.

    Bought Buds 2 for the gym as they were cheap on eBay, and I genuinely cant tell the difference between the two sets of headphones.
    I agree. I own both and they sound the same I prefer the Buds2 fit better so I use them instead lol
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    Yeh I have them and think they're good Haven't tried many others though so can't judge comparatively
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    I have the original Galaxy buds and the galaxy buds pro. The sound quality is good but the active noise cancelling is almost non-existent and touch controls are really poor. I like them but wouldn't recommend paying anywhere near RRP for them as they just aren't worth £100+
    I'll give the pros a try from ebay. Thanks for letting me know
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    Yes I have them and use them mainly for the gym. They go plenty loud, good base and clarity. I'm pleased with them
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    I recommend the Jabra Elite 75t - plenty of bass, if needed as the custom EQ is one of the most adjustable. It can also produce very clean sound as well
    I'll look into it, thanks!
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    I have the buds Pro. Great sound. Two problems : (i) they don't stay in your ear that well and (ii) the controls are a pain. When I first got them, I kept hanging up on people when trying to push the buds back into my ear. I'm used to it now, but it's little things like the "ignore touches" setting turning off when I answer a call that still bug me. Worth having if you get a good price - I think mine worked out to be about £25, which is a bargain
    I was worried about them staying in my ears, but worth a try for the good sound.

    How did you get them for that price! I was going to buy some unopened on ebay or something like that. Any recommendations where to look?
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