Found 20th Jun 2009
OK. For most this is a very silly question however, are XBOX's wireless? What I'm meaning is, do I have to buy the wireless adaptor at 40 quid to go wireless? I have wireless internet in my house and connect my Wii without having to buy any extras. Can I do the same with an XBOX? Just ordered one and can't wait til it arrives!!


i was gonne make some joke about getting a're a a don, so i'll just say the 360 doesnt have built in wifi, you need the wifi kit.…Q7O

Sadly, yes, you need the adapter to go wireless what I did is bought a 3 metre ethernet cable and connected it from the 360 to my router, it cost around £3 from eBay.

One of the reasons why the 360 is cheaper is they made a choice not to have everything inlcuded (like wi-fi, HDD etc). Some may not like this strategy but if you've no need for wi-fi or HDD there's no point in paying for it.

You can get gaming adaptors for less, however they're not as neat looking as the 360 one.

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Thank you!


why do you think they sell wireless adaptors in the first place

oh, and you will still win nothing with McGhee's Rolls in charge

what you can do is use a laptop if you have one , share the network adapter and use a network cable from your laptop to your xbox

thats if you have a laptop thou
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