Are you a BT TV customer? Check your bill to see if you are being charged for BT Sports.

Found 15th Nov 2017
It used to be free but that ended in August. I’ve just noticed that it had automatically been added to my bill (£3.50 p/m) as a chargeable service for the last couple of months.

If you’re a BT customer, it might be worth double checking your bill.
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Ring them and they will refund you
I had BT sport's and had hd for free , when my contract ended I was charged for the hd for about 7 months , didn't realise it was extra
BT refunded me without question
Lots of BT haters on here but even with the price hike I'll stick with them as service is bang on
I joined BT Broadband over a year ago and got the BT TV and BT Sport for free. As I already had Sky I never use the BT box apart from watching the sports.

They did email well in advance that they'd be starting to charge £3.50pm for the Sport, it's not as if they suddenly started charging without warning. I kept it as it's still pretty good value for the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup games that they show. I'm only bothered about the football tbh, my only annoyance with it is that it's not in HD so looks pretty bad compared to Sky Sports HD.

The broadband is very good though, and they've recently increased my speed as well so I get a pretty consistent 68-72mb at all times, unlike Virgin's "superfast" network which often dropped to unusable snail speed at peak times. I read a lot about BT being poor but I have to say my experience is the opposite.
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