Are You Addicted to the Internet? Quiz

    Are You Addicted to the Internet? Quiz

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    I answered all the questions honestly and got 16 (Borderline Internet addiction).

    I got 27

    i got 31 , my name is diva im addicted to the internet, which is coincidentally my age too

    Original Poster

    hi i'm holly - sits down totally embarrassed:oops::oops:

    I got 19 which is my age too! How weird is that?!

    17 ....borderline too lol


    I got 27

    I got 27 too - OMG, there's something wrong with me, I have no life!!

    Igot 14 yahoo still time yet though:whistling:


    I got 12.

    Scored 2 :thinking:

    Obviously you do not spend enough time on the web my do not need any help nor do you need the help of any medical fact get yourself online , sign up to many dating sites..have many affairs and please whatever you do stay of HDUK as I can see your bank balance ain't so healthy these days :shock:


    25 for me:oops::whistling:

    9 for me

    I scored 30....



    18 - borderline

    Dont need to do the test can tell u am a addict..

    i got 23... my age too :?

    im on 5..just what i thought.. can easy do without. funny though

    I got 21 points but that can't be right cos I know I'm definitely addicted, so I must be in denial......does that mean I should join a group to admit I've got a problem? :oops:

    To be honest, I spend a lot of time online but I'm not itching to get on when I'm away other than when I really miss someone.

    29 :'(
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