Are you alowed to sell "Datel Tool" batteries?- ive seen modded 360, NDS R4 kits FS??


    great forum by the way, i check it everyday evening!
    so anyway, i was wondering if you were allowed to sell or trade datel tool batteries(i have a few lying around and am in need of some extra cash).

    i have seen modded 360's and other softmod options FS on this forum....

    just checking before i consider it.



    Not allowed anymore

    (4) It should go without saying, NO prohibited, classified or illegal items. This includes fake/counterfeit goods, copied media, ANY console cards 'TTDS', 'DSTT' or 'Pandora' batteries etc., money swapping' such as bank transfers of £xx paid in to others PayPal account for £xx amount, group specific discount codes such as 'student card numbers' for example, weapons of any kind, alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances.

    Original Poster

    so how come HUKD has a fair few of them up on the forums??

    and the datel tool batteries are registered products from an official company which many retailers stock??
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