Are you at risk of flooding? Environmnent Agency website post code checker...

Found 24th Jul 2007
England and Wales:

Scottish Enviroment Protection Agency:……htm

DEFRA Useful links page:……htm

Index of local district and borough council websites (which usually have emergency plan pdf's with local info etc) and contact information:……htm

"Flood" search on main government website showing various internal links on flooding:…ood
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Thanks for link. According to them even though I live on top of hill they still recon I'm at risk?
Ours came out at 0.1%


Useful link, thanks It's only for England though.
Strange it worked for me and I live in Wales:?

Strange it worked for me and I live in Wales:?

Sorry, another look at the map shows it includes england and Wales.

Not Scotland or NI though
I couldn't find Scotland post code checker when I looked, nor N.I.

Hopefully someone will post them.
Ahh, I'm not a risk of flooding, thank god.
Glad to have been of help
Entered my postcode says it can't find that try again, perhaps its too late?
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