Are you cross or bow eyed....

    How the blast do you see straight?

    Seriously though do you see double ? Never had the guts to ask someone in person so thought I would hide behind my computer screen and ask here.


    I too have always wondered.

    :-D Thanks i am crying with laughter here.

    my OH has a dodgy eye he is 85% blind in it, due to split retina.

    His eye when looking at you can sometimes wander off its quite weird seeing it and he says when it happens it gives him double/blurred vision

    he sometimes wears a completely black contact lens when it bright, and he gets more weird looks or stares from people with that than his wandering eye so dont like wearing it

    My boyfriend has a dodgy eye too and he says hes mostly blind in it. He says the biggest problem is that he has no depth perception, which can be a bit scary when driving but he manages fine.
    He doesnt like how people look at him though, so he's goin to have it straightened soon.

    My daughter is under Great Ormond Street for her eyes - though thinking of moving her to Moorfields.

    She is practically blind in one eye, they reckon she can see that something is there - but can't make out any detail at all.

    They say that she isn't totall blind in that eye, or she would turn her head slightly or tilt it to one side, so that she could see straight on with the other eye!
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