Are you serious?

    "Fly off into NASA"

    How can anyone "Fly off INTO Nasa"?

    This just does not make any sense. The crap that music artists get away with is inconceivable!

    This is one way of looking at it apparently and to be honest, any way to make sense of such a poor lyric is, in my opinion, a poor justification for an incredibly poor attempt at a music song!

    "..NASA is an organization that runs the space program. It symbolizes a far reaching destination. West is saying that they will excel towards thier goals once they're together.."

    This is bad real bad Michael Jackson
    Im mad real mad Joe Jackson

    All lyrics from Kanye's crappy song with that lass Kerr Hilson or whatever she called!


    they didnt mean Nassau did they ?

    It doesn't matter what they say, as long as it 'sounds good' and 'flows'. Unfortunately.

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    they didnt mean Nassau did they ?

    Lol he definitely says NASA but i did google Fly off Into Nassau and on the front page i found one link which showed lyrics side by side of two versions of this song?

    Both had some lyrics different to one another and some lines added/omitted

    One version had NASA and the other NASSAU lol! :-D

    Hes just a bit fick,,,,,,,
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