Are you the Real Radio renegade?!

    Was walking to the train station from work as usual and suddenly a load of random people asked if I was the 'real radio renegade'

    Upon research, it appears to be a competition where you find this 'real radio renegade' through clues they leave, turns out today they visited the town I worked.

    I personally would feel a tit if I had to should 'are you the real radio renegade mate?!' to everyone!!


    Sounds highly amusing :giggle:

    It's for a fair few bob.

    He was in Aycliffe once. My mum was going to go if she was at work because she in Aycliffe but she wasn't at work.


    you wouldnt feel a right [email protected] when you won a couple a grand!


    free hugs

    it's a comp through Real Radio (formerly Century).

    The renegade has a bounty on his head. Today's was £6k.

    It has been £30k in the past!

    last day today 105.4fm
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