Area 51

Posted 20th Sep
Hey fellow europeans, as americans are now preparing to storm area 51. What's your opinion about it? Are they going to be any casualties or just a big buzz about it?…ws/
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Well Ive been watching this:

The guys ran out of data so had to stop but there was 1 arrest made and tbh, I have seen more people at a spoons than at Area 51
Waste of time they moved everything to Area 52 many years ago
The Lizard People are already among us, we are all walking on a flat earth and Elvis is alive and well in Alaska. Area 51 is the least of our problems.
Good luck getting past the chem trails..... I doubt any of you will!
Ima just going to wait for the reports of noobs, who will be killed or taken to jail.
Nice try Secret Government man, I'm not being put on some list of potential nutjobs
Basically nothing happened. Pretty disappointed with it
No one is getting anywhere near the actual base.
I don't think the guards will open up on the people either, maybe just warning shots over their heads.
Then everyone will their pants and leave.
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