Area of a location?

    Just looking for a website that will tell me the area of a location, looking to find out for a village and a couple of towns but my searches on the internet have all drawn a blank.


    cant u google map em?

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    Had a look, it's hard to tell where one settlement ends in regard to the other and I need to be fairly accurate. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    give us a clue exactly what your looking for and we may be able to help more

    I'm assuming you cant just put a postcode in?

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    Sure, it needs to be the total area of a particular settlement, for example wikipedia tells me that the area of greater London is 609 sq mi (1,577.3 km²), but I'm looking to find the area of smaller settlements.

    Putting a postcode in just shows me where the exact location of that postcode is, but thanks.…uth

    and type ur location in the search bar at the top and area is at the bottom of each towns details. Hope this is what ur after

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    Thanks for the help mate, but unofrtunately Britannica hasn't heard of the first 2 settlements and doesn't give an area for the last. Just my luck eh?

    which areas are they u need?

    I got ]this by following the local stats link from ]here, hope it helps

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    Thanks a lot melipona, that's got it sorted. Just going to leave you rep, and for you MANJ_007 for your help.
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