Areal for garden shed!

im after a good deal on a areal for my garden shed! put my computer and evertything in there already just normal chanels but something that would do a freeview box


Would a standard rooftop aerial be too big? Depends on size of your shed I suppose, but the bigger the better (ooh er missus) Argos had a decent on in cheap in the old catalogue, not too sure if its in the new one but worth a look.


]try here ?

This one is very expensive with the delivery. (14.99 Antenna + 7.99 delivery = 22.98 Total)

I assume you were just giving a product reference? :oops:

I have a Brand New Antenna for Freeview (used for a week before I bought a TV with Freeview).

I am anyways planning to sell it here today, along with a Freeview Box.
(Just got a bit lazy to take the photograph & upload it) :oops:

But if you want we can work something out very cheap for you.

Best thing is: you will not have to pay a penny for delivery & I will send it to you by special delivery guaranteed next day delivery.

PS: If you want to buy the Freeview box too, it will dirt cheap. Let me know what you think & if you want I should post the Photos & the price.
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