Aren't ebay Generous lol

    Aren't ebay generous lol

    look at their latest offer..***Updated: Extension of pricing promotion 20% off your Final Value Fees when you offer free P&P on Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Video games, Technology and DVD categories ***

    30 September, 2009 | 11:13AM BST

    We are happy to inform you that the closing date for the promotion listed below has been extended to 31ST December 2009.


    The eBay Team

    sounds good does it lol

    So you have a £5 buy now item with £1 postage, Ebay charge 50p FVF... so instead you sell the item for £6 to cover the £5 item and £1 postage fee. The fee then increases to 60p but ebay are soooo generous they'll knock 20% off this figure (or 10p)..... Woopey flipping doo I hear you say ..well there back to where it would have been anyway

    They never cease to amaze me with their great offers!!!!!!!!


    But they made it sound so good daint they?


    rep added for having the time to get worked up about that

    Robbing gits

    Original Poster


    rep added for having the time to get worked up about that


    my job involves number crunching and looking at projections and forecasts so when numbers don't look right I like to figure out why

    an equation knocked up to look good at first glance but clearly not.
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