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Posted 3rd Feb
Morning all...

I have the b450 tomahawk max motherboard and I’ve had the p400a phanteks case with argb fans. Problem has come up with trying to connect the case to the ARGB header on the only has 4 pin 12v and not the 3 pin 5v connectors. For the love of god I don’t know how to connect the cables nor does a unit exist to allow me to convert it...I’m a noob at building PC’s and this has caused me massive headache

Any ideas?

Thanks all
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You can connect it to power supply with a sata to 5v RGB adapter
maneshapps03/02/2020 11:57

You can connect it to power supply with a sata to 5v RGB adapter

Can I still control it with the motherboard software...mystic light or whatever it's called...

Any recommendations?
Not if it’s connected to the power supply instead,
You’ll need look for RGB strips specifically compatible with your board software
Thanks...the fans do light up but stay permanently red and I can’t change the colours. I’m struggling to even find the cable that you mentioned otherwise I’ll just have to take the fans out and swap them for normal fans…tml
Does the case have the two "buttons that don't actually look like buttons" - if so, can control it with those, otherwise you'd need a RGB remote controller.

There are a very few fans that you can get with 12V RGB / 4 pin RGB - LED strips, on the other hand are quite plentiful and cheap in that format
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