Argggh i broke my iphone, water hands are bored

    The baby got slaver all over it, then i got a bunch of blue striped lines, like an etcha sketch, then a white screen, then a black screen.

    Its making sound, recieving texts etc but no screen.

    I am so gutted


    Argggh i broke my iphone, water damage.[SIZE="4"] hands are … Argggh i broke my iphone, water damage.[SIZE="4"] hands are bored[/SIZE]

    If yer female then iNb4 the pervy answers! lol.....

    If yer male then I apologise profusely :?

    you not got it insured ??? :?

    Original Poster

    its only 2g
    bought it outright, too old to insure
    Gonna bake it, if that dont work open it up
    after that consider my options, dont mind buying a new one, but would rather wait for the 4g i think

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    ive been carrying it round in a bag of rice for the last few hours, i cant help it i keep taking it out too look, its currently in the airing cupboard, i cant turn it off as its just not responding, its recieving calls texts etc, but i can't swipe it etc
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