ARGH!!! call centers

    ok i have to have a moan, i am currently trying to get through to the NCP car parks call centre, after being on hold earlier for 14 minutes i gave up.... now i have been holding for 26 minutes and all i keep getting is an automated machine saying staff are busy and on other calls..... what they only employ 2 members of staff, and to top it off the hold music is the long and winding road ARE THEY HAVING A LAUGH!!!:x :x


    Was on hold to Halifax one a few days ago for 90 minutes ago before I hung up

    Was on hold with BT 2 months ago for 80 minutes before I was disconnected by the advisor, on hold another hour to be told they were closed.

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    well i finally managed to get in touch with a human through pressing random options, and i told him i wished to complain, i spoke to his manager and told him about my situation and also that i had been recording the time of my call being on hold every 10 minutes (via my mobile) and that i was very angry about it and had emailed watchdog, as i believe their call centre needs to be investigated. the guy could not of been any more helpful and called me back within 10 minutes to answer my simple question.
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