Argh I am actually getting so annoyed!

    I've tried using partitionmagic, and I've tried on my stepdads XP , but cannot get my NTFS external hdd to convert to FAT32!
    Anybody any help?


    Use swissknife on XP ,Officially it doesnt work on Vista but it does with a bit of persistence

    Use Maxtor Maxblast. from…CRD.
    This works in XP and Vista will allow you format usb drive to 3 different formats including Fat32.
    Have just formated my 80gb usb drive to test for you.

    If the shortcut fails, do it the long way around.

    Backup data, delete partition and recreate with Partition Magic or ]PING as FAT32.

    do you have any files on there larger than 4gb?

    Original Poster

    Did it using a small peice of software I found on the internet called formatfat32
    Thanks for the help guys!
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