Argh! iPhone Backup issue

    Hey People

    Received the iPhone 4 today! Thanks to OP for posting!

    Well, I activated it and wanted to put my data from my iPhone 3G, which I had backed up. However, now when it asks to restore from Back-up, the backup I want it not being displayed. However, the back-up which was made after the iPhone 3G had been restored is there!!

    Anyway I can get the messages etc on the old phone



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    Hi Porter!

    Mate, the thing is I had some important texts lol which I need and as long as I can get a few texts then all is good. Then I will restore as a new phone, but isn't the iPhone 4.0 more stable than 4.0.1 bud?

    If its just your contacts then would they not be on outlook? When I set my iphone 4 up, i set it up as anew phone and then clicked sync contacts with outlook - got all my contacts on the new phone. Saves faffing around with backup etc.

    Edit: Just seen you want texts - sorry cant help with that
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    Use iphonebackupextractor to take the SMS. Db out of the old backup and put it on your desktop, then use a sqlreader to read them if required, if your planning on JBing the new phone you can input the DB onto the phone if not then at least you have the info on your pc last of all setup as new phone:)
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