Arghh.. office proxy blocks hotukdeals!!

For whatever reason, my office proxy server is now blocking hotukdeals .. grrr.. I guess it doesn't like the 'hot' part of the domain name .. stupid proxy server .. ..


No it could be something to do with a server alteration this morning.

If it was set to allow beta.hotukdeals.com it needs to be changed to hotukdeals.com

Sorry to hear that... :-(

Maybe you could make friends with the system administrator and mention it to him. He might be able to fix it. First of all you should buy him a caske, give him a hug and buy him a "world's best system administrator" mug. Also worth mentioning Apple Macs, Linux Red Hat and a few other technical things to make you sound technical before asking him to alter any settings. Maybe you should wear an "RTFM" t-shirt and dress as a class-A nerd too if that's what he's like.

[COLOR=black]LOL at ducky. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Depends what kind of firm you work for wiraone. These days a lot of large companies outsource their content filtering to external companies like Vanco and it can be quite long winded for your IT guys to have sites added to the accept list.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]If on the other hand you work for a smaller firm and the Proxy server and firewell is maintained in house IT guys are definitely persuaded by cake and not making ridiculous demands for things to happen straight away...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]The other alternative is to persuade your boss to let you have a broadband point at your desk so you can just swap cables and surf a way. Finding a reason why to have broadband is up to you :roll:[/COLOR]

I suggest you get another job straight away.... :thumbsup:

You can bypass corporate firewall by using ]HTTPort or other http tunneling software.

Original Poster

Solved this .. as per Rayman post, I had my bookmark pointed to the ]http//ho…com instead of http:/hotukdeals.com which works now .. so, I'm staying put!!
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