arghhh flipping fire alarms!!

    ok so we all hate it when the fire alarms go off when were cooking.but this is even worse.
    i live in residential housing so if 1 person sets the alarm of we all have to leave!! not only that but the guy that turns it off lives about an hr away!! so been sat outside since 12 not happy bunny


    unlucky tbh, stupidest excuse for leavin the house ever

    Original Poster

    :O hadnt a choice in the matter n twas bloody cold out there

    u'll live, cup of tea nd a slice of cake lol

    Original Poster

    you offering to make me one


    Well.................... its better than being ........ ".Burnt to death."............ Anyway who's cooking at this time of the night!!!!!

    hardly makin tea, me i burnt a pot noodle

    Original Poster

    some drunk.reckons he was just smoking.... but that aint ever set alarm off before. ahwell. least im in now
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