Argos 2 for £30 Wii Gmes

Last weekend i reserved Cars & Ratatouille for the Wii and they cost me £25, i visited the Argos website today to order some more games and noticed that there £19.99 games were 2 for £30, so i ordered Big Brain Academy & Chicken Little, but it keeps saying £39.98 not the £30.

Anyone else had this problem?


hi, the same happened to me yesterday, big brain academy is on a different page to the 2 for £30 so even though it's still £19.99 it's not in the offer! i wasnt pleased and even told the woman as it does say any 2 £19.99 games for £30, but like i said it's on a different page in the book ,it's only across two pages!! hth

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But on the website it's on the same page as chicken little and under big brain it says 2 £19.99 games for £30. very strange, i also just tried sonic and big brain, as on those 2 it does say underneath both, 2 19.99 games for £30.

i have just tried it also with wwe smackdown vs raw and carnival!! might pop in and ask them anyway, online they are both 19.99 but in the catalog wwe is 34.99!!! :x

i dont think big brain or wwe is included in the 2 for £30 offer

if you click on 1 of the £19.99 games (i clicked on eledees)and under the price click special offers and scroll down to the 2 for £30 games,,,big brain or wwe isnt there but all other £19.99 games are..also if you add bratz and a £19.99 game they come up as £25

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Think you are right about big brain, i just cleared cookies, and reserved Bratz and sonic and Bratz only goes down to £10.01 making both games £30, sonic is £19.99 and Bratz is £14.99, work that one out?

usually when you add bratz together with 1 of the 2 for £30 games it goes down to £25 but i tried with sonic and only goes to £30 as you said
i also tried bratz with call of duty 3 and this comes to £25

when i got mine i got them instore, thats how i know the r not in the offer, bratz and wwe r on a different offer. i tryed to get sonic and big brain, but big brain isnt on the offer page so had to get sonic and red steel.
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