Argos 3 for 2 - Giant con? Thoughts?

Found 25th Sep 2013
Had a quick browse at some stuff on Argos now the latest 3 for 2 has started and nearly splurted my moloko all over the keyboard at the brazen scam they've pulled - namely most stuff has increased in price, by a quarter or even a third. The T
total cost of the three near identical priced items I checked a couple of days back has in almost identical bar a couple of quid - in this case the saving is more like 2 or 3%.

Am I getting old or is this the usual scam? I thought last year there were a fair few good deals to be had in the 3 for 2....
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I'm hoping that 'splurted my moloko' isn't a euphanism.

It's not a scam. Potential buyers can research before making any purchase, no one is forcing them to part with their cash.

Argos are a business and in order to make a profit they need to sell as many goods as they can and will try to attract custom using marketing techniques.


Just noticed my typo - and I don't even drink moloko
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if individual prices have gone up a quarter or a third yet the total price remains almost identical you should look into perpetual motion
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moloko i thought that was a a band/singer…SAo
You know you're getting old when you actually google 'splurt your moloko' and expect to be enlightened. Not that I did of course ....


If you look at the bottom of an item description it states any previous price that the product has been sold for e.g)

Additional Information

* Please note item 3380655 has previously been on sale at 10.99.

It has always been this way.
Prices correct as displayed but are subject to change

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