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Argos 3 for 2, returning an item.... how much refund do you get?

Posted 9th Nov 2014
So the Argos 3 for 2 toys is on at the moment.

What happens if I return one of the items?

For example....
I bought 3 £15 items and paid £30 (3 for 2)
I want to return one, how much do I get back? If I have my receipt do they refund £10 (as I got 3 for £30) what if I dont have receipt? Will they exchange at the current selling price? The item does have the argos product number sticker so there should be no doubt I got it there.

Also....what if I reserve to collect another 3 more items on the 3 for 2, £15 each as before total £30 assuming its before the 3 for 2 ends! And I return one of the previous items, bought previously in the 3 for 2. Do I pay £15??

Hope this makes sense!
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Try it. Just take one back and see what happens and let us know the outcome as I am intrigued as to what happens.
Not Argos, but I once got 3 parker fountain pens which were on 3 for 2
in WHSmith. I got home, unpacked 1 and didn't like it so returned the other two with the receipt and got all my money back (they refunded 2x pens at full price).
I did this once at argos did not like 1 of the product and got a full refund for the item but that was a few years ago
Easter last year I did a similar thing, brought a ps vita which was on a special bundle with a memory card and game. Anyways didn't really want the game was going to go cex but thought let me see what happens at Argos. They gave me a refund for the full value of the game to my surprise :). So worth a try, let us know what happens though am curious if they still do
Just spoken to an ex member of argos staff and she says they will not refund unless you take all three items back.
These deals are excluded from 30 day money back guarantee so you would only be able to swap it for something else.

Obviously this is to stop people abusing it
they take 1/3 off the value I did this recently
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