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Found 5th Nov 2014
Hi, just after some advice, I have placed a reservation for 3 toys at Argos. Two cosy coupes and a scooter, however the two cosy coupes have been ordered to the store as non in stock. The scooter is in stock. So on my confirmation email of the reservation it is in two seperate parts, one for the cosy coupes and one for the scooter so the discount has not been applied. Will they deduct this in store when I collect them all together or will it not count because they are not all in one reservation?
Thanks in advance for your help
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you can only reserve for 24 hours normally
Deals apply on the day you are purchasing hence buying one toy will not apply

I will be collecting them all tomorrow as the cosy coupes will be available after midday. Just wondering when I go n buy em will they count as one transaction?
As long as you pay for both reservations at the same time the 3 for 2 will apply - for example 1 item is in stock so reserved for 5th & 6th Nov yet the other items cannot be collected until the 6th or 7th you will need to purchase all of them on the 6th and ask at the check out to pay for both reservations together - the 3rd item will then be free! Hope this makes sense (& answers your question)
Yes it does, thanks. So if I pick up all 3 together tomorrow and pay for them all at same time it will be applied? Sorry just want to be 100% sure as its a saving of £50
Do not forget offer ends on the 11 Nov
Shame you never ordered earlier you would have got the £10 for each £100 spent then as well

Yep - it will definitely work - I do my kids pressies on the 3 for 2 every year and have often had this issue - it will come off at the till! x
I did this today and defintely works
Thanks everyone
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