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Argos bed broke after 2 months. What should I do ?!!

Posted 6th Mar 2014
I hope that someone will be kind enough to clarify me some things regarding how Argos treats people .
Long story short - in December I got a bed on offer from Argos . It broke down . Ribs just broke .... Now I got a bed that's not fit for purpose .
Called Argos - they said - no problem we will replace it for you .
I got happy .
But that was not as easy . Bed I purchased has need discontinued (probably cos its very S*IT ) .
I was advised I can pick any other bed .
Oh I got happy !
And that's where the problems started . Originally I paid 45£ for my double bed .
I would have been happy for them to replace me the same bed .
It's not my fault they no longer stock it .
I apparently have to pay the difference of the bed I will choose as replacement .
It's so difficult to get hold of citizens advise bureau , so I though I will give it a yet here - there's a lot of smart and knowledgable souls here
If anyone can provide me with some sort of informations that I can use against them ... I am not looking for a 500£ bed frame . I would be happy with 140£ one , but I need something solid .
I feel it's unfair for me to pay extra just cos item was discontinued !
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