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Argos bed broke after 2 months. What should I do ?!!

Posted 6th Mar 2014
I hope that someone will be kind enough to clarify me some things regarding how Argos treats people .
Long story short - in December I got a bed on offer from Argos . It broke down . Ribs just broke .... Now I got a bed that's not fit for purpose .
Called Argos - they said - no problem we will replace it for you .
I got happy .
But that was not as easy . Bed I purchased has need discontinued (probably cos its very S*IT ) .
I was advised I can pick any other bed .
Oh I got happy !
And that's where the problems started . Originally I paid 45£ for my double bed .
I would have been happy for them to replace me the same bed .
It's not my fault they no longer stock it .
I apparently have to pay the difference of the bed I will choose as replacement .
It's so difficult to get hold of citizens advise bureau , so I though I will give it a yet here - there's a lot of smart and knowledgable souls here
If anyone can provide me with some sort of informations that I can use against them ... I am not looking for a 500£ bed frame . I would be happy with 140£ one , but I need something solid .
I feel it's unfair for me to pay extra just cos item was discontinued !
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Must ... resist ... dirty ... comment
I think legally they're only obliged to give back what you forked out, not necessarily replace like-for-like.
Well if you pay £45.00 for a double bed what can you expect? It isnt an automatic right to a more expensive bed its at Argos' discretion if they decide to charge you or not. Argos have offered for you to choose a different bed therefore Argos are keeping within the sale of goods and the contract they hold with you.
Usually it's something of an equal or lesser value you would be offered, not usually a greater value.
There's a question! I'm neither very smart or particularly knowledgeable BUT I would think that Argos' liability would be restricted to replacing your bed (which they can't do because they no longer stock it), replacing with a better bed and asking you to pay any extra, or refunding your money in full.
(When you say that "ribs just broke", if you mean that you were injured in any way then that's a different matter altogether. If that's the case then you should seek legal advice.)
You say that you would have been happy for them to replace with the same bed. If the bed is repairable (i.e. maybe it just needs new slats?) you could ask Argos if they would be willing to cover the cost - they may go for that, especially if it costs less than refunding you.
Otherwise, I would just ask for a refund and move on, or cover the extra cost if choosing a more expensive model.
(If you want the same bed why don't you try Argos' eBay shop as they often have items which have been discontinued in store.)
Good luck!
Hmmmm ... The thing is I don't want to pay the difference . I was happy with my cheapish bed
I know I know - 45£ what were you expecting .
I was expecting it to break down EVENTUALLY , but not after 2 months ...

And thing is It's not my fault
Newly weds like ?

Hmmmm ... The thing is I don't want to pay the difference . I was happy … Hmmmm ... The thing is I don't want to pay the difference . I was happy with my cheapish bed I know I know - 45£ what were you expecting .I was expecting it to break down EVENTUALLY , but not after 2 months ...And thing is It's not my fault

I had a similar situation with Argos. They agreed to offer me a replacement up to the same value of my previous purchase. Once I chose my item, Argos happily refunded the difference (the item I chose was less in price). They were very pleasant to deal with. Regarding your problem, Argos have again been fair in offering you an exchange for what you paid initially. Unfortunately their is nothing you or CAB can do, either pay up the extra or find another inexpensive bed. Good luck.
Guys that's some great points
I don't know who can I ask to fix it ?! I think all ribs and slats need to be replaced and since they don't make the bed they can't provide me with replacement parts
Ah such a pickle
Oh the comments ... Oh the comments hahahahahhaha
Hmm.....Id just sleep on it! Tomorrows another day!
Who is manufacturer of the bed? they are more likely to help you irrespective of what you paid and may upgrade u r bed.
probably buy a new bed
Are you really expecting a £140+ bed as a replacement for a £45 one?! oO This place amazes me sometimes it really does!

Must ... resist ... dirty ... comment

Maybe just try using it for sleeping in....and keep other activities for the dining table and atop the washing machine

......D'oh. oO
It doesn't matter if you don't want to pay the difference, it's about what you're legally entitled to. Argos only have to refund you your money, or ask you to choose something that is currently in stock (and more expensive by the sound of it) and then you pay the difference; either way they are offering a full refund which completes their legal obligation.
As all the others you can't expect a more expensive bed to replace it. Otherwise everyone would buy the cheap beds and wait for them to break. You bought cheap it was rubbish so it broke. My normal advice would be to pay the extra and get a more expensive one but in this case I would recommend trying to get a refund and getting a bed from somewhere else!

My reason for saying this is that we had a bed from argos a few years back (approx £250 so not a cheapy one). The side snapped (design flaw), I contacted argos and they arranged for a replacement side to be sent (they sent both sides) unfortunately they sent the wrong size! We contacted them and they sent the correct ones but wouldn't collect the incorrect ones so we had to dispose of them! The replacement side then only lasted a matter of months before failing in the same spot. I ended up repairing with a metal plate and then when we saw a deal on here we got rid and bought a new one.
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My point is : the value of the bed is more than 45£ as it was on offer . It was discounted from 150£ to 45£ . Probably due to them trying to clear the stock out .
I expect to have the bed replaced .
They don't have this bed anymore . Fair enough .
Why should I get some crappy bed that normally costs 45£ for a bed of higher value that was on sale ...?
Am I right ?
Guys btw- I am really really grateful for all the posts !
And I am not trying to be cheeky with Argos ,it's a genuine situation .

Am I right ?

No not really!

The £150 RRP may have been inflated, or they realised they were poor quality so discounted to shift. Either way you can't expect them to give you a product on sale for substantially more than you paid.
Okay I got a bit more clear understanding of all this now thank you so much !
Keep complaining to them, same thing happened to me but with a sofa and it was after about 10months! After a lot of phone calls they said I could pick another, but within reason so I got one and it was £70 more expensive than the original =]
To be honest they are not being unfair. They are willing to pay what they owe you and you pay the rest.
It makes perfect sense!!!
£45 true quality, what were you expecting? Probably on offer to clear.
All they are obliged to offer is your £45 back.
It never ceases to amaze me people who by crap and expect it to last a lifetime, almost like these sofa company's who say was £2999, then £1500, now £299, these were only ever a £150 sofa. Not rocket science!
Well am pleased to inform you guys - I have reasoned with them , and they agreed to replace the bed with more value bed . They agreed to wave the extra costs ! Yay .
Overall 50£ they waved . Not too bad .
there bad. I even had insurance and they refused. in end I fighted for it and they paid what I paid...... the sale price they will not give you full money of the value now
i got paid by a Argos voucher £350 bed costs . then take in to account that insurance finished straight away

op you will only get your money back nothing more.. even it may be back on a argos voucher ..hate them
Less rumpety....tumpety this time....keep that for the trampoline
Did you mention a garantee ?
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